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Kris Kirwan, MSc.

 I am a professionally trained clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist (Adv. Dip. CHP, ICHP, Dublin) and past life regression therapist (Dip. Rth. PLRA, UK) with a medical background.

 Current Member of the following Professional Associations:

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (UK)

European Association of Regression Therapists

Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (IRL)

Hello and Welcome to the Past Life Regression Therapy website!


I hope you will find a lot of useful information here. Please feel free to browse the site. If you are interested in past lives, reincarnation, soul's journey, regression therapy, life between lives, the uniqueness of human nature, energy healing and much more, please check the recommended reading list. For many people, including me, an extraordinary journey to self- discovery and transformation was inspired by a good book.

No matter what brought you here, I hope you find something useful to you.

If you wish to book a session or would like to talk to me personally, please do not hesitate to

contact me.


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